Wine & Marketing


Are you interested in wines produced sustainably and/or Fairtrade, for private label or premium brand?

We offer a suitable wine concept for every need. We have access to market information such as AC Nielsen and GFK so, if necessary, we can provide customized advice. We have direct access to specialized designers, filmmakers and commercial multi-media experts.

Intense Wines always tries to stay up-to-date when it comes to food trends.


  • Storytelling
  • Transparency
  • Feminization
  • Health choice
  • Casualisation

1. Storytelling

All our wines have their own story.. have a look at, Because passion about wine generate stories to be proud off to tell and guarantee quality and uniqueness.


Intense Wines represents an open chain; we see transparency as one of our most important criteria when it comes to selecting our wineries. On our website you can read where our wines come from and how they are produced. Our wines are demonstrably sustainably, organically and/or Fairtrade produced. By using the appropriate labels that are internationally recognized, we can also reassure our customers about the origin of the wines. In addition, it is important that the end consumer also understands this message.

This is where Trend 1 “Storytelling” comes in as a common thread. All our products have a story. We see it as a must to translate this well to the market through the current means of communication such as, for example, QR codes that bring offline to online and can therefore inform a wide audience. We make the best possible use of social multi-media tools such as Facebook, X, Instagram, Linked-in and other viral generating platforms.


Women are increasingly being targeted by companies. With their selective tastes and preference for healthy, easily digestible products, women are setting a trend: Feminization.

In addition, women are becoming more independent and intelligent and make the vast majority of all decisions within the family. According to research, young target women and single women are also making increasingly conscious choices.

Intense Wines takes this trend very seriously, with as example the wine Vida Luz that we developed specifically for a client.

It is an organic wine from Spain of which we developed the label ourselves and chose an elegant long bottle. The wine is full-bodied, soft and has beautiful fruit notes which makes it very tasty for everyone. Even in summer, the wine is slightly chilled delicious with tapas or BBQ.

More information ? For other possibilities, wines and labels please contact us.


“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease” – Buddha

Healthy living is a growing concern for consumers. Therefore, we at Intense Wines choose to sell pure and therefore healthier wines.

Our wines come from renowned sustainable wineries, where, with passion and pleasure, fair trade or organic wines are produced. Thus, no chemicals are used in the winemaking of our wines. Only degradable pesticides such as copper against mildew may be used.

We also strive to have as little sulfite added to the wines as possible. However, adding (even very little) is still necessary in 99% of the wines to prevent oxidation of the wine. In addition, we strive to keep the alcohol levels in the wines at a low level.

In the summer with warm weather, it is more pleasant to drink wines that are nice and fresh with a lower alcohol content. Consider light sparkling wines and crispy white wines. You can drink more without getting tipsy quickly. Especially with women, this is considered very pleasant.

Our wines are made naturally and therefore “genuinely” tasty !


The last trend of our top 5 that we follow with Intense Wines is Casualisation. ‘Keep it simple’ is the motto of this trend. Today’s consumers want to feel involved with the product they choose in a close and informal way. The consumer is also looking for contact with his product and it is up to us to make that connection.

Intense Wines capitalizes on this trend and helps devise strategies that evoke trust with the consumer (or yours).

We offer our clients the option of using our private labeling service. With this service, clients create their own “look and feel” for a wine they purchase from a separate selection of our range.

Labels with humor are doing very well this year. Wines that put a smile on someone’s face even before they even touched it….