At Intense Wines, we strongly believe that sustainably produced wines lead to purer wines, a healthier world, and happier people. Every day, we strive to make organic and Fairtrade wines the standard, reaching an ever-growing audience. Our wines are created with our motto in mind: “made with passion, powered by nature.” Throughout the process, we uphold our core values of sustainability, fairness, and innovation.

Founded in 2008 by Janneke Rutten, Intense Wines is a unique wine company that combines her background as an Agricultural Engineer, a ‘Winemakers certificate’ from the University of Stellenbosch, and experience in the wine industry. We are not your average wine company; instead, we offer an innovative and refreshing perspective on wine. In 2022, Intense Wines became the first company of its kind to achieve B Corp status. Our goal is to enhance the world of wine and make a positive impact on society and the environment. We value honesty, transparency, and our commitment to people and nature.


Our mission is to spread appealing, fairly and sustainably produced wine brands worldwide and make them accessible to a broad consumer base. Throughout the entire vine-to-wine process, we maintain transparency, ensuring our customers know the journey behind each bottle.

We recognize the growing need in the market for more efficient, healthy, and sustainable practices. It is our responsibility to produce and market wines in a financially responsible and environmentally conscious manner. We believe that the wine industry must adapt to these developments and demands, and Intense Wines aims to be a leading partner in this transformation.

Involved from Grape to Glass

Intense Wines actively engages in every step of the production chain, from vine to wine and from grape to glass. We believe that each part of the process should contribute to a better world, and we actively demonstrate this wherever possible.

For instance, through partnerships in South Africa, Janneke Rutten owns her own organic and Fairtrade vineyards. This firsthand experience allows us to understand the intricacies of planting vines, vineyard management, including water and soil management, pruning techniques

Intense Wines - Made with Passion, Powered by Nature