2Blossom Foundation – Our Positive Contribution

While South Africa is undeniably beautiful, the living conditions can be challenging. Intense Wines has vested interests in several wineries, with a primary focus on Du Toitskloof, where Janneke’s own vineyard is located. Our philosophy is to make a positive impact not only environmentally but also socially. In South Africa, we support winemakers and their families through various Fair Trade projects. However, we aspired to do more, which led to the inception of the 2Blossom project.


2Blossom provides safe after-school care for the children of employees and children in the neighborhood. The daycare center caters to both non-school-aged and school-aged children. The latter group receives assistance with their homework after school while their parents are still at work. This initiative keeps them away from the streets and offers them a nurturing environment for a promising start in their education. At 2Blossom, under professional guidance, these children have the opportunity to express their emotions and creativity. We have transformed a sea container into a cozy space where they can explore their creativity. Additionally, we aim to educate them about the beauty of the world and their role as future generations.